How busy are Norwegian airports? Data, Plotly, and Dash, can help us see.

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Photo by Tomas Williams on Unsplash

Live demo of the dashboard Active-Airport or see the project at GitHub.


The Imputer from Scratch project was my selection for demonstrating my understanding of object-oriented programming in my OOP course, which was assessed at 97%.

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Class Diagram


Every step of the implementation is explained; it is therefore assumed that additional code documentation is redundant. However, to demonstrate an understanding of the documentation conventions described in PEP 257, examples are included in the class Imputer.

Since the code is made for demonstration purposes and not intended for reuse, error handling is also reduced to two examples of raising errors in the class Imputer.


See the colors you are working with.

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Photo by Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash

I looked into word embeddings for my bachelor thesis and stumbled into a great GitHub Gist by Allison Parrish[1] titled “Understanding word vectors”. Her Gist is very educational, explaining everything from the ground up. However, the section about colors as vectors did not show the colors being discussed. Since I am a visual learner, I wanted to implement some way of plotting the colors to see them. I realized that this could be a handy tool in other circumstances, and I have extracted what I made and modified it to work without her Gists context.

Color basis

Lewi Uberg

I’m a husband, father of three boys, a former design engineer, and a final year data science student.

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